Lennox EL280

Efficient, consistent two-stage heating

Elite® Series

Furnace breakdowns and high operating costs are problems that plague many older heating systems. If this sounds like your current furnace, the EL280 may be an affordable solution to your furnace repair issues. When DC Heating and Cooling installs this system in your home you will save hundreds of dollars every year and enjoy the reliable, consistent performance that comes from a Lennox Home Comfort System.

Two-Stage Operation: Energy Efficiency: Fully Insulated Cabinet: Low Continuous Fan:
This new furnace is able to vary output from "low" to "high" based upon the comfort demands of the home. Temperature consistency and balance are easily achieved and fuel waste is diminished. Upgrading to an 80% AFUE furnace will pay you back month after month in savings on your heating bills! This furnace is not only reliable and efficient, it is also quiet! This super quiet fan keeps air moving at all times to support accurate home temperatures, proper indoor air quality, and humidity balance, and it does all of this without wasting large amounts of energy.

The Lennox SL280 Furnace At A Glance:

  • Energy Efficienty
  • Quiet Operation
  • Home Comfort
  • Furnace Performance

Energy Efficiency

Changing how your home consumes energy is an easy way to save money! Take a load of your utility bills and upgrade your heating system to the EL280 Gas Furnace today! DC Heating and Cooling has made furnace installation and maintenance easier than ever. It all begins when you schedule your free in-home estimate with a DC Heating and Cooling Home Comfort Specialist anywhere in our Chicago and northwest Indiana service area.

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Your old furnace could be wasting 35% or more of the fuel it consumes! Upgrade to this 80% efficient gas furnace to make the most out of the fuel you pay for every month, and you are guaranteed to see savings!
  • Dual-Fuel Compatibility: With duel fuel capability, this heating system can be combined with an electric Lennox Heat Pump for boosted efficiency. The system is also capable of analyzing your climate and comfort preferences to select the ideal fuel for each heating scenario.

Quiet Operation

Is your old single stage furnace waking you up in the middle of the night? Noisy operation is one of the biggest complaints that homeowners have when it comes to their heating systems. The EL280 Gas Furnace has found a way to minimize noise in two innovative ways!

  • Low Stage Function: Your EL280 is a two-stage system, but it will spend about 80% of its operating time in the lower stage. This prevents excess noise that is common in systems that only operate at maximum output 100% of the time.
  • Sound-Absorbing Cabinet Insulation: The interior cabinet is insulted with special sound-proofing materials to help contain any noise that may be generated during operation in either stage.

Home Comfort

DC Heating and Cooling is dedicated to the comfort of our customers no matter the time of day. However, home comfort begins with great furnace. The Lennox EL280 is one such furnace and with the support of DC Heating and Cooling, you can look forward to years of reliable home comfort from your new system.

  • Two-Stage Operation: Even in Chicago the weather doesn't require maximum output 24/7! By having the option to use a lower output, the furnace keeps your family from becoming overheated on milder days. But when the temperature outside plummets the furnace will automatically adjust to higher outputs. This way you and your family are always kept in comfort.

Furnace Performance

When your EL280 Gas Furnace is installed byDC Heating and Cooling you will get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have received furnace installation from a true professional in the HVAC industry. We are there for your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We only recommend new furnaces that we trust to be reliable, and the EL280 is just one example of the many high quality, durable systems that Lennox has to offer.

  • Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger: Inside your furnace, at its core is the patented ArmorTuf™ steel constructed heat exchanger.
  • SureLight® Igniter: This silicone nitride igniter provides an on-demand ignition source for your furnace that is designed to last long and perform consistently.
  • SureLight® Control Board: This control board will orchestrate your furnace's operation and provide direct-readout diagnostics. Then if something does go wrong the unit can be quickly diagnosed and repaired.