Lennox EL296E

Two-stage, High-efficiency Heating.

Elite® Series

Single stage gas furnace operation was once the standard in heating technology, but it severely limited the homeowner's ability to customize comfort and cut down energy costs. The EL296 E furnace from Lennox could change the way you define comfort in your home. With its two stage operation, the EL296 E Furnace adjusts output to match your home's needs while conserving energy to save you money each and every month. Contact us today to discuss furnace installation in your home!

Energy Efficiency: Two-Stage Operation: ENERGY STAR® qualified
A 96% AFUE rating will literally put hundreds of dollars back in your wallet every year. In fact, when compared to a 75% AFUE system, you could save $2,240 in just 3 years with this furnace! In a short while this heating system will completely pay off the furnace installation sending future savings directly into your pocket every month. This furnace is able to vary output from "low" to "high" based upon the comfort demands of the home. Temperature consistency and balance are easily achieved and fuel waste is diminished.

The Lennox EL296E Furnace At A Glance:

  • Energy Efficienty
  • Quiet Operation
  • Home Comfort
  • Furnace Performance

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing a new furnace for your home, you have to consider the long term costs of the system as well. The more energy efficient the unit is, the more money you will save over time. However, you also want a furnace that won't break your budget! Having your EL296E gas furnace installed by DC Heating and Cooling will get you the best of both energy efficiency and affordability.

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Having a new furnace that is up to 95% energy efficient with the fuel that it consumes is good news for our planet and for your budget. As this system puts your fuel to good use, you will also protect our planet from excessive energy waste that is typical of older, less efficient furnaces.
  • Dual-Fuel Compatibility: This gas furnace can be paired with an electric Lennox heat pump to further increase your savings. The system will be able to determine which fuel would be most efficient to use based upon the weather and the comfort demands of your home.

Quiet Operation

The two stage design of the EL296E Gas Furnace allows this heating system the ability to keep operating noise at a minimum. You don't need a furnace to run at full capacity at all times! This is wasteful and makes more noise than is truly necessary for home comfort. This furnace solves this problem by operating within its low-stage 80% of the time, and it does this without sacrificing comfort!

  • Completely Insulated Cabin: By lining the cabinet with special sound-proofing materials, any noise is contained within the unit. This feature effectively prevents disruptions in the home that are typical with older heating systems.
  • Two-Stage Heating with Continuous Fan Operation: Single stage furnaces run on "high" around the clock causing excess noise. Your two-stage EL296E furnace will vary speeds between "high" and "low" to keep operating noises at a minimum, efficiency at a maximum, and comfort in perfect balance.

Home Comfort

Single stage furnaces allow the temperature to vary drastically in between cycles. A two stage unit, like the EL296E Gas Furnace, will offer even heat distribution throughout the home. This effectively stabilizes the home's temperature at whichever degree you may choose.

  • Two-Stage Operation: Even in Chicago the weather doesn't require maximum output 24/7! By having the option to use a lower output, the furnace keeps your family from becoming overheated on milder days. But when the temperature outside plummets the furnace will automatically adjust to higher outputs. This way you and your family are always kept in comfort.
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger: Older furnaces that only have one heat exchanger waste a lot of heat to exhaust. The EL296E Gas Furnace captures that excess heat and uses it to increase comfort within your home.

Furnace Performance

Lennox is synonymous with reliable performance, and the EL296E Gas Furnace is no exception. With heating installation and proper maintenance performed by DC Heating and Cooling, your new furnace will deliver exceptional comfort and efficiency for years to come.

  • Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is the core of your new furnace, and when yours is made from patented ArmorTuf™ steel, you are ensured true dependability for the life of your heating system.
  • SureLight® Igniter: This silicone nitride igniter provides an on-demand ignition source for your furnace that is designed to last and perform consistently.
  • SureLight® Control Board: This control board will orchestrate your furnace's operation and provide direct-readout diagnostics. Then if something does go wrong, the unit can be quickly diagnosed and repaired.
  • Solid Exterior Finishing: The cabinet on your new furnace is protected by top-notch breakdown resistant polyester, textured-paint finish.