Lennox EL296V

High-efficiency, Variable Speed Gas Furnace.

Elite® Series

Save on both electricity and natural gas with this first-class furnace from DC Heating and Cooling. The EL296V has many special features that work together to deliver money saving energy efficiency, exceptional home comfort, and ultra-quiet performance even during the coldest Chicago winter nights.

Energy Efficiency: Variable Speed Technology: Ultra-Low Continuous Fan:
Watch your heating bills shrink with this system's 96% AFUE rating! ENERGY STAR® Qualified This fan operates at a multitude of speeds to deliver precise comfort and humidity control while minimizing losses and excess operational sounds! Improve indoor air quality and keep temperatures balanced with the EL296V's low speed continuous fan.

The Lennox EL296V Furnace At A Glance:

  • Energy Efficienty
  • Quiet Operation
  • Home Comfort
  • Furnace Performance

Energy Efficiency

Get a new furnace that has it all with the EL296V! By combining many of today's most advanced HVAC technologies, this heating system is able to reach impressive levels of energy efficiency without neglecting home comfort. Read more about these many advancements here or contact your DC Heating and Cooling Home Comfort Specialist to schedule a free in-home estimate anywhere within our Chicago land and Northwest Indiana service area!

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: The EL296V's AFUE rating of 96% will bring the cost of your now sky high gas bills back down to earth!
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: Meeting the current ENERGY STAR standards for new furnaces takes dedication to saving our planet and saving our customers money! The EL296V exceeds these standards by carrying a 96% AFUE rating!
  • Dual-Fuel Compatibility: This gas furnace can be paired with a Lennox heat pump to further increase your savings. The system will be able to determine which fuel would be most efficient to use based upon the weather and the comfort demands of your home.
  • Variable Speed Blower Motor: By having the flexibility to automatically adjust operating speeds this blower motor is able to match output with heating demands of the home. This motor also saves you money because it uses two-thirds less electricity than the single stage motor that you probably have been using in your old furnace.
  • Stainless Steal Secondary Heat Exchanger: Older furnaces that only have one heat exchanger waste a lot of heat to exhaust. The EL296V Gas Furnace captures that excess heat and uses it to save you money while increasing your comfort.
  • icomfort® Enabled Technology: Have DC Heating and Cooling install an icomfort Touch® thermostat for user-friendly temperature control. It employs Touch technology that allows you to quickly change and adjust your settings so that you can get the most out of your new furnace!

Quiet Operation

You should only feel your furnace working, not hear it! Single-stage gas furnaces are infamous for their noisy operation, but with SilentComfort™ technology in your new EL296V furnace from DC Heating and Cooling, you will experience a new level of calm within the home that you never before thought possible!

  • SilentComfort™ Technology: Achieve near silent operation through this feature's ability to rid your home of noisy start ups and shut downs that are typical with older furnaces.
  • Sound-Muffling Insulation: Lennox has lined this system with sounds absorbing materials that contain any noise within the unit leaving you with a whisper quiet furnace.
  • Hard-Wearing Steel Cabinet: Keeps the sounds of furnace operation within the system while protecting its most vital components.

Home Comfort

Are you tired of temperature swings and imbalances from room to room? Eliminate these differences with the many comfort-boosting technologies in your new EL296V furnace fromDC Heating and Cooling. Customize your comfort like never before with these innovative advancements.

  • Two-Stage Gas Valve: When this dual capacity gas valve is paired with a variable speed motor, the furnace is able to pinpoint output to equal the home's exact heating needs. This reduces waste and ensures ultimate comfort control.
  • Superior Humidity Control: This furnace can also adjust the flow of air to match the humidity requirements of the home. Homes that have balanced humidity are far more comfortable and waste far less energy!
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger: In a Chicago winter, you can't let any heat go to waste! Your EL296V will conserve excess heat within the furnace and transfer it to the air in your home with the help of this secondary heat exchanger.
  • Low-Fan Speed: You can keep the air moving in between cycles with the automatic low fan speed offered by the variable speed blower motor. Better circulation increases indoor air quality and keeps the temperatures consistent even when the furnace is not running.

Furnace Performance

In Chicago, you cannot afford to wait forever for your home to heat up! You need a furnace that will be ready on-demand when you need it most, and the EL296V is the furnace that can meet this need with ease! Stop dealing with constant breakdowns and costly repairs, and advance your heating system to the powerful, durable, and dependable EL296V gas furnace from DC Heating and Cooling.

  • Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger: Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is the heart of your heating system, and true dependability can be yours for the the life of your new furnace with ArmorTuf™ steel.
  • SureLight® Igniter: This silicone nitride igniter provides an on-demand ignition source for your furnace that is designed to last long and perform consistently.
  • SureLight® Control Board: This control board will orchestrate your furnace's operation and provide direct-readout diagnostics. Then if something does go wrong the technician will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide immediate furnace repair.
  • Multi-Position Models: Choose the new furnace that best fits your space!