Lennox ML180

Economical, standard-efficiency gas heating

Merit® Series

The ML180 is the most cost-effective system that we offer at DC Heating and Cooling, and though it may be affordable, it still offers reliability, energy efficiency, durability, and extraordinary comfort at a price you can afford! Get the most out of your new furnace with a DC Heating and Cooling installation, and save money on your utility bills month after month.

Energy Efficiency Rating: Sealed Blower Compartment: DC Heating and Cooling Installation:
The ML180 Gas Furnace offers you the new standard in energy efficiency with its 80% AFUE rating. Prevents heat loss in the system in order to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. Having your furnace installed by the expert hands of a DC Heating and Cooling professional is one of the best ways to ensure that you will get the most out of the many features your new Lennox system has to offer!

The Lennox ML180 Furnace At A Glance:

  • Energy Efficienty
  • Furnace Performance

Energy Efficiency

You don't have to spend a lot to save a lot! The ML180 is proof that you can make your home more energy efficient at a budget friendly price. Upgrade your ancient furnace today to the new standard in energy efficiency and watch the savings accumulate as the months go by!

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: The ML180's 80% AFUE rating will bring your home's energy efficiency up to the new industry standard. When compared to your old heating system, which may be 70% efficient or less, you could save hundreds every year on your home's heating costs.
  • Dual-Fuel Capability: This gas-powered furnace can be paired with an electric Lennox heat pump to further increase your savings. The system will be able to determine which fuel would be most efficient to use based upon the weather and the comfort demands of your home.
  • Maintenance Plans: One reason why old furnaces cost so much to run and eventually breakdown is lack of yearly maintenance. At DC Heating and Cooling we offer a Carefree Maintenance Plan that you can pair with your new furnace to ensure years of reliable and energy efficient operation.

Furnace Performance

This economical furnace was built to last and to perform on demand. It may be our most affordable system but it still comes equipped with some of the same technology that the high end Lennox systems rely on too!

  • Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is the heart of your furnace, and when yours is made from patented ArmorTuf™ steel, you are sure to experience true dependability for the life of your new furnace. Should the heat exchanger fail within 25 years of the furnace installation date, DC Heating and Cooling will replace your entire heating system at No Charge! This is our No Lemon Guarantee!
  • Hot Surface Igniter: This feature will ensure reliable start ups every time there is a demand for heat within the home.
  • SureLight® Control Board: This control board will orchestrate your furnace's operation and provide direct-readout diagnostics. Then if something does go wrong the unit can be quickly diagnosed and repaired.
  • Robust Blower Assembly: This unit may be affordable, but that doesn't mean that it only delivers the minimum. Instead, your ML180's blower assembly exceeds the industry's standard airflow requirements. This allows your new furnace to improve comfort in a way that standard furnaces cannot match.