Lennox ML195

High-efficiency Gas Furnace

Merit® Series

The ML195 is the perfect high efficiency gas furnace for the budget-conscious homeowner. When installed properly by the experts at DC Heating and Cooling, the ML195 will deliver superior comfort while helping control your energy costs month after month. Gain all the benefits of a high efficiency heating system without stretching your budget or sacrificing home comfort.

Energy Efficiency: Sealed Secondary Heat Exchanger: Reliability: Affordability:
Hundreds of dollars are saved every year with the ML195 when compared to standard gas furnaces! This feature helps you harness the maximum heat for minimum cost! ArmorTuf ™ aluminized steel heat exchangers and a durable stainless steel cabinet creates a furnace that is solid as a rock! For a modest initial investment your family can feel the power of 21st century home comfort units and slash your heating bills every month!

The Lennox ML195 Furnace At A Glance:

  • Energy Efficienty
  • Home Comfort
  • Furnace Performance

Energy Efficiency

  • Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger: A second heat exchanger harnesses heat that would have gone to waste in less efficient furnaces.
  • 95% AFUE: At 95% AFUE, the ML195 is among the most efficient heating systems available on the market!
  • Sealed Blower Compartment: The air-tight assembly of the ML195 minimizes heating and cooling losses by preventing air from escaping before it reaches the target rooms in your home.
  • Dual Fuel Capability: Combine this furnace with an electric Lennox heat pump to enhance comfort and slash prices even further.

Home Comfort

  • Secondary Heat Exchanger: This feature allows your new furnace to extract every last bit of heat created by the furnace leading to more comfort per cycle.
  • Robust Blower Assembly: Exceeds the industry standard in airflow to provide superior comfort and consistent heating for your home.

Furnace Performance

  • SureLight© Ignitor: Crafted from silicon nitride for dependable operation and a long lifespan.
  • SureLight© Integrated Control Board: This feature gives you complete control of your furnace operation in a user-friendly layout.